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  • As a participant, can I hand in all types of pallets and/or RTIs?
    Yes that is allowed. The depot of your choice will value everything and convert it in terms of value to e-Credits. These e-Credits are then credited to your own balance in your wallet.
  • When do I receive a transaction fee?
    The value of a “basic” Euro pallet is covered by the EUWID index. All deviations (add on’s and extra whishes) from this standard are passed on in the transaction surcharge.
  • What is the current value of the e-Credit?
    You will always find the current value on the online platform PCTO. The value is determined as a weighted average of the lowest and highest value in the three past 6 weekly periods. This value is taken as the basis for the settlement or booking of the e-Credits at the time of handing in or calling up.
  • How is the EUWID created?
    You will find all market information on the EUWID website. The EUWID prices and developments are behind a login. See: PCT has a subscribtion to these market data.
  • If all RTIs can be submitted, will I be reimbursed for everything?
    No that is not necessary. Most depots work with sorting lists and the value is determined on the basis of sorting. If there are no usable RTIs and it is mainly “waste” it may be that a negative yield arises.

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