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A smarter way of transporting pallets

Easy as 1-2-3.

Stop wasting your time. We recognize the problems in the open pool as we all know them, and we are going to solve them!


Pallet Control Tower (PCT) is the European standard & platform in open pooling for EPAL Euro pallets and other RTI. The PCTO platform has been developed to ensure safe, cost-efficient and high-quality pallet exchanges for all stakeholders involved in pallet pooling.

Active in various industries

PCT can be found in all types of industries and is therefore at home in all markets. It is irrelevant whether or not you are the owner of the pallets or other RTIs. You are looking for transparency in the chain and the more sustainable use of all load carriers that are used.

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Companies within industry, production or trade that use Euro pallets and RTIs on a large scale to transport products.

All European transport & logistics companies, including DCs.


Pallet traders, producers, and depots of EPAL pallets in Europe.

Divided into 7 work areas

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Platte grond europa 2 engels.png


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Account and quality managers

Our own account and quality managers, who operate in the various European regions, check pallets on site at depots and suppliers, but also resolve disputes.

Ready for the future of pallet pooling?

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