Good pallet management thanks to PCT Online and the e-Credit

The turnaround in our pallet logistics using PCT Online: 

The story of Nancy, logistics manager at an international wholesaler.

As a logistics manager at an international wholesaler, Nancy faces challenging tasks every day. Managing the flow of goods and pallets around the world is no easy task, but thanks to Pallet Control Tower Online (PCT Online), we have made a 100% improvement in our logistics processes. 

Addressing ambiguities

A few years ago, we found ourselves in a situation where we had to receive and deliver back pallets of different types, such as EURO pallets and Pool pallets. It created a constant headache. Invoices, unclear cost allocation and a lack of understanding made our pallet logistics complicated and costly. 

But then PCT Online came into the picture, and that changed everything. Together with my team and partners, we decided to change course. We opened a joint account with PCT Online and started using VAT-free e-Credits for all our pallet transactions, both Collection, Delivery and Matching. With this, we wanted to not only manage costs efficiently, but also increase transparency 24/7 via the "cloud. These e-Credits are based on blockchain technology, thus 'safe'. 

e-Credits as a solution

With PCT Online, we can now see exactly who is generating what costs and revenues when. This made our lives as logistics professionals so much easier. We no longer have to receive and pay mutual invoices, including VAT offsets. Instead, we use our joint e-Credits to settle pallet costs. This means we only pay for what we actually use. 

One of the biggest advantages of PCT is its flexibility. We can call off and turn in our pallets based on our needs and the quality required. PCT Online automatically deducts the cost on a prorated basis from the e-Credits to our balance. This ensures fair distribution regardless of fluctuations in demand. 

Our collaboration with partners and closed pools was also significantly improved. Everyone is happy with our choice of PCT Online because it ensures transparency and fair cost sharing.  

Periodically, we take stock of our balance and, if necessary, purchase additional e-Credits to ensure that costs are evenly distributed. This gives us peace of mind because we are always "in control.  

Thanks to pallet management 'in control'

Thanks to Pallet Control Tower Online, we have not only streamlined our logistics processes but also improved our interrelationships. The platform even works with our suppliers from Asia and America. We can now fully focus on what really matters: efficient logistics without the burden of pallet invoices and unnecessary costs. 

I invite anyone struggling with logistics challenges to explore the capabilities of Pallet Control Tower Online. It has greatly improved our lives as logistics professionals and helped us take back control of our pallet logistics. Together, we are working toward a future of simple, cost-effective and transparent logistics. With PCT, we can achieve that.  

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