Pooling is sustainable


PCT is reducing single-use pallets and giving you the opportunity to switch to multi-use pallets. We do this with our PCT Online platform: Collection & Delivery - Matching, linked to e-Credits. Our platform allows pallet users to set up their own ›pallet pool' together with their suppliers and customers, thus promoting the sustainable use of pallets.


PCT is anticipating new legislative developments from Brussels for the packaging industry; reducing the CO2 footprint and more focus on the circular economy. Re-use, repair, recycle are the tenets of the new Brussels packaging covenant - PPWD. In addition, you meet at least 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). of the United Nations.


We have close ties with the EPAL Organization and use the repositories operating under the EPAL license. Together we have the objective of promoting the system of open pooling. With the network of EPAL International as well as our own PCT network, there are thousands of depots and drop points. Therefore, it is always possible to get a good connection to the Matching process with Collection and Delivery. 

If you have returned the single-use pallets with Collection and are going to use the e-Credits received to start using multi-use pallets, this has benefits for the entire chain. In addition to your own use, you can also make the e-Credits in your balances available to third parties. 

PCTO allows all steps to be recorded digitally. Invoicing (self-billing) and all other communication also takes place in the cloud. This is insightful and transparent for any user at any time. 

A euro pallet = sustainable: every year, two million refurbished pallets are still used multiple times.

Wooden europallets can be used about 7 to 8 times! Ultimately, a worn pallet is used as energy for heating, for example. Pallets are collected in the central warehouses of pallet depots, trade and industry and finally transported to a processing site. Often a robotic line helps sort the pallets, but sometimes this is still manual work as well. After sorting, the pallets that can be repaired are repaired and stored. The pallets that cannot be repaired are recycled as wood chips for fuel for energy production, for example. A customer can choose from about 50 different pallet types, of which the euro pallet is the most common and one of the most sustainable.

Fact. It takes one cubic meter of wood to make about 22 new euro pallets; however, one cubic meter of wood can be used to repair 150 recycled euro cargo pallets.

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for europallets and other RTIs. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.


Lower your carbon footprint 

With PCT Online, a lot becomes visible including the so-called hidden costs that cannot be directly quantified, but are increasingly important in modern business operations. Stop unnecessary shifting of pallets back and forth.

Better supply chain collaboration 

A supply chain system that connects partners, suppliers and logistics providers makes it easier for organizations to work together. When problems are addressed directly with partners, you solve them faster, costs are lower, you have satisfied customers and fewer people walk away. Take responsibility for your supply chain logistics! 

End-to-end supply chain visibility 

With visibility into the entire supply chain, including suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, warehouses and third-party logistics partners (3PLs), companies can proactively manage their supply chains, reducing risks and costs. And ensuring greater sustainability.   

More accurate forecasting and decision-making 

Data can be aggregated, linked and extended through "predictive analytics. This leads to better, more automated decision-making and self-correction. Ultimately, this results in more efficient processes and less waste. Another reduction in your carbon footprint.  

Greater supply chain flexibility 

Flexible supply chains move with you when something unexpected happens. This flexibility makes for better customer experiences, faster response times and, in general, a more efficient supply chain. Especially in times when human resources are becoming scarcer and more expensive.

Optimal inventory levels 

PCTO provides visibility into inventory across the network, allowing companies to have what they need, where they need it and when they need it. They increase profits and inventory turnover rates and reduce inventory and material shortages. 

Ready for the future of pallet pooling?