What we do

This is how PCT Online works

In the online portal you can easily log in and take all steps for "Collection" and "Delivery" orders of europallets. In addition to these two modules, only for carriers and DCs, there is also the "Current Account" module here.

The process of "matching" can be fully tracked. All history is preserved, so it is always transparent who initiated what and when.

PCT Online is available on PC, tablet and mobile and compatible with most logistics ERP, WMS and VMS - systems.


Submitting pallets has never been easier. After registering in PCT Online, the Matching process follows, giving the best match to a deposit. After collection, sorting and valuation, the value is credited to your balance of e-Credits. 

In addition to all types of pallets, you can turn in all Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) at depots and have them valued. The value is paid out in our e-Credits. 


Indicate the need for pallets in PCT Online. The Matching process is then initiated to match the depot with the best conditions. You can also use your own familiar depot. Confirm the match in PCT Online and the order will be executed. 

Delivery is charged in e-Credits and the history can be tracked through your dashboard in PCT Online.


An e-Credit is our virtual means of settlement and payment and represents the value of 1 used euro pallet in A-quality. The value in euros is linked to the independent index of the German EUWID - Holz und Möbel

e-Credits are freely transferable between balances of all PCT Online users. They are credited to the balance after Collection and debited upon Delivery. In addition, e-Credits can be purchased separately from PCT. 

e-Credits are not subject to VAT (!) and also solve the international VAT issue that sticks to Collection & Delivery. The Easy Way! 

Current Account 

Especially for the carrier, there is the Current Account module. Easily keep track of balances between shippers, carriers and receivers of goods in relation to pallet flows. 

The Current Account works with BlockChain technology and cannot be changed afterwards. This creates transparency and security for everyone involved. In PCT Online, everyone can track progress. 

Ready for the future of pallet pooling? 

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for europallets and otherwise RTIs. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.