For pallet users

Sustainable and cost-conscious

You are one of those (inter)national companies within industry, manufacturing or trade that uses europallets and RTIs to transport products on a large scale.

PCT can be found in all types of industries and is therefore at home in all markets. It is irrelevant here whether or not you own the pallets or other RTIs. You are looking for transparency in the chain and more sustainable deployment of all load carriers used. Cost-effectively and responsibly. We make your pallet logistics life easier.

Storage and transfer in warehouses must be on europallets to avoid pallet stress.

Effective and efficient pallet management

  1. Clear agreements - No more unclear agreements and complicated, time-consuming and manual administration. Via the PCT e-Credit, you receive or deliver pallets easily and quickly with clear mutual agreements - who pays what. No more discussions about mutual settlement balances. Everything is recorded automatically.
  2. Fair value-based price - Never argue about the value of a used pallet again. Based on the EUWID index, PCT determines the value of each pallet - condition and quality. So you can be sure that Collection & Delivery is done at the fairest price. Our photo module is a handy tool for this.
  3. Only high-quality pallets - Automated warehouses demand standardized A-grade or new pallets. We ensure that all pallets meet EPAL standards, ensuring smooth operation throughout the logistics chain.
  4. Driver relieved - Drivers often do not have the time and knowledge to check pallet quality. PCT helps them. On-the-spot exchanges are unnecessary. No empty pallets in the truck. No waiting times or costly delays. Transfers are digitized, minimizing the risk of errors. This ensures a smooth logistics chain.
  5. Durable system - With PCT Online, you no longer have to worry about expensive trucks carrying empty pallets. Our platform helps you save costs by optimizing your inventory and offers you an easy way of Collection & Delivery via Matching, prepared for future Brussels legislation (PPWD).
  6. Fast, easy safe - PCT Online is a secure platform for all your transactions and accurately records every exchange. We offer a user-friendly interface with minimal complexity. PCT Online interfaces with any logistics & transportation management system without much effort.

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for Europallets and other RTIs. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.