Mission and vision

Vision: we take responsibility

Automation, costs but especially sustainability have taken off in all areas in recent years. The world of pallets and other Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) must also keep up with this so as not to lose connection. Re-use, recycle and repair are the key words.

By using PCT Online, companies are able to make a difference to today's society in several areas. These include sustainable business practices, CO2 reduction, cost awareness, and optimization of efficiency while breaking new ground in logistics.

Mission: the Easy Way 

We help companies make the step from one-time to multiple-time, the easy way. We offer all the steps required for this in an organized manner within the PCT Online platform. An important first step is handing in non-standardized pallets and other RTIs and replacing them with the multiple-use variant: including the EPAL europallet. A second important step is "logging": knowing which pallets are where at which price agreements.  

Making the switch from single-use to multiple-use will create a financial benefit for the entire logistics chain - in addition to sustainability - in the short term, but certainly in the longer term. 

Are you ready for the future of pallet pooling? 

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for Europallets and other Returnable Transport Items. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.