For pallet depots

Service your market in a smart way

You are a pallet dealer - pallet producer - pallet depot of EPAL and/or other europallets within Europe, Asia or America/Canada. Then PCT Online is a broadening and enlargement of your market.

PCT Online can be found in all types of industries and is therefore at home in all markets. Large pallet users from all over the world use our platform. They are looking for transparency in the chain and the more sustainable use of all load carriers used.

Service your international or global customer and network with colleagues in Europe or overseas. Order the required pallets locally via a Deliver order and avoid unnecessary transportation costs of trucks or containers with only pallets. Be sustainable and smart!

Optimal efficiency in warehousing thanks to EPAL europallets

Effective and efficient pallet management

  1. Integral logistics chain - Pallet flows in Europe are becoming increasingly complex and thus more interesting for pallet traders and depots. Pallet Control Tower Online (PCTO) brings clarity and expands your networks.
  2. More business - PCT Online facilitates Collection, Delivery & Matching in a smart way. Through our proprietary e-Credit system, EPAL Europallets and other RTIs can be bought, sold or virtually matched. Customers place an order, and the system puts it out to you, the affiliated pallet supplier. The customer automatically sees your offer and makes a choice based on price, sustainability (CO2 footprint) or preferred suppliership. By activating your account in PCT Online, you increase your network and thus the chance of additional sales.
  3. Clear agreements - More and more companies are experiencing pallet stress from their manual and Excel-created statements. They want to get back "in control. Which and how many pallets are where and at what agreements? Especially with pallet volumes and prices fluctuating, cost and revenue are becoming important items for all pallet users.
  4. Value of used pallets - Never argue about the value of a used pallet again. Pallets are sorted and valued by you after Collection. This value represents for the customer a number of e-Credits. The value of the e-Credit is related to the so-called EUWID index; the widely accepted standard in Europe. If a discussion arises, our account managers will come and assess the case.
  5. Fast, easy and safe - Upon agreement and proper execution of the order, you will be paid within 8 days thanks to our self-billing system. The platform is secure for all transactions and accurately records every exchange. We offer, in several languages, a user-friendly interface with minimal complexity. PCT Online can be interfaced with any common ERP, VMS and WMS system.
  6. International services - If you have international clients then PCT Online is also ideal. Expand your ›supplier' account with ›user' and select a fellow pallet supplier in Europe to execute a Collection or Delivery order. This avoids unnecessary trips across Europe with trucks full of empty pallets. Payment is done in VAT-free e-Credits. This solution is both more cost efficient and more sustainable.

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for Europallets and other RTIs. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.