Avoid pallet stress

Online, traceable, cost-effective

PCT Online - the European standard & platform in open pooling. Collection, Delivery & Matching for EPAL europallets and other RTI carriers prevents pallet stress. An automated 24/7 platform for buying, selling and virtual swapping, linked to the EUWID, that ensures fair materialization of pallet flows between buyers and suppliers. The ›cloud' system, based on company accounts, is open to all logistics parties involved and easily accessible. Linkable to most common ERP, VMS and WMS systems. Orders for new or used pallets are placed with multiple pallet depots or preferred suppliers. Simply choose the most economical or sustainable solution. Settlement via VAT-free e-Credit; our settlement unit for Europe and the world. Now that's efficient pallet management the Easy Way.

The system has approval from all major European industry associations, and the majority of European pallet depots are connected. An increasing number of Asian, American and Canadian parties are also joining.

What does it provide?

  • The right pallet in the right place
  • Error and conflict reduction 
  • Time and quality gains 
  • The optimal price - supply & demand 
  • Better margin pallet user 
  • Sustainable/environmentally responsible
  • Optimized logistics pallet chain

The 7 pillars of PCT Online

  • In a click buy, sell, virtually swap
  • Clear agreements recorded thanks to ›logging'
  • Linking EUWID guarantees fair value
  • From one-way to multi-way > 100% circular
  • No more waiting times for drivers
  • One settlement unit for all parties
  • Linkable with all common systems

Prevent pallet stress! Pallet Control Tower is the European standard and the platform for Collection & Delivery by Matching for europallets and otherwise RTIs. We facilitate open pooling from A to Z. And make pallet logistics manageable again.