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Pallet Control Tower PCT

Pallet Control Tower (PCT) is the European standard & platform for Collection & Delivery through matchmaking and materialization, via our e-Credit system, which facilitates open pooling from A to Z for EPAL Euro pallets and other Returnable Transport Items (RTI).

Say goodbye to unclear agreements and complicated, time-consuming manual administration. Via the PCT e-Credit you can easily and quickly deliver and receive pallets with clear mutual understanding. No more discussion about balances. If necessary, our regional account managers will visit you - the easy way!

Transparant agreements

Automated warehouses require standardized A-quality or new pallets - and that's exactly what you get when you use the PCTO platform! We ensure that all pallets meet EPAL standards, ensuring smooth operation throughout the entire logistics chain.

high-quality pallets

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No more discussing the value of a used pallet. PCT determines, in relation to the EUWID index, the value of each pallet based on its condition and quality. This way you can be sure that Collection & Delivery takes place at the fairest price.

Value based price

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Drivers often do not have the time and knowledge to check the quality of pallets. PCT helps them by making swapping a thing of the past. No empty pallets in the truck. And no waiting times or expensive delays. Transfer takes place digitally, so that the chance of errors is minimal.

Driver convenience

With PCT you no longer have to worry about expensive trucks transporting empty pallets. Our platform helps you save costs by optimizing your stock and offering an easy way of Collection & Delivery via matching, prepared for future Brussels legislation.

Sustainable system

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PCTO is a secure platform for all your transactions and accurately records each exchange. We provide a user-friendly interface with minimal complexity. Quickly connect to any internal system, without any effort.

Fast, easy, safe

Ready for the future of pallet pooling?
The Easy Way!

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